7 Healthy Snacks That Are 150 Calories Or Less

Are you trying to lose weight, shape up or take your fitness to the next level? Do you eat 4, 5 or 6 times each day? Most of us have at least one or two snacks per day and sometimes it’s hard to find healthy snacks that are somewhat calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced. Depending on your daily energy needs, snacks will most likely range from 100 – 200 calories (some more, some less depending on the person and goals). This list of healthy snacks with 150 calories or less can help you with your daily snacking needs. These options are not only healthy, but most are well balanced with healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates.

1. Fiber Snacks – These babies pack a great punch with 6 grams of whey protein, 6 grams of fat and 19 g of carbohydrates – 150 Calories. They contain a healthy dose of natural fiber as well as prebiotics for healthy intestinal flora. They are gluten-free, natural, and have no artificial colors or flavors. Since they’re in the form of a bar, they’re easy to take on the go. Fiber Snacks They come in two flavors – chocolate peanut crunch and honey almond crisp and are made by Isagenix.

2. Whey Thins – Whey Thins are a savory, crunchy snack in 100 Calorie paks that are easy to grab and go! With 10g of undentured whey protein, 10g carbohydrates and 3g of fat, Whey Thins come in Sour Cream + Onion and Barbecue flavors and are made by Isagenix. They are a blend of 7 whole grains and contain only natural ingredients without any artificial flavors or colors.

3. Slim Cakes – The Slim Cake by Isagenix is a berry + rolled oat snack that is slightly sweet and only has 90 Calories. 5g of high soluble fiber for heart health makes this cake filling and delicious. Slim Cakes can help curb cravings, support digestive health, and contain 20% of daily fiber needs.

4. IsaDelight Chocolates – These chocolates from Isagenix are packed with green tea extract, amino acids and antioxidants and can help satisfy cravings. They come in dark, milk chocolate, sea salt and caramel milk chocolate and dark chocolate with mint. They have only 60 Calories per square. Enjoy 2 chocolates for an easy 120 calorie snack!

5. Acai Bowl – Mix 1/2 Scoop of IsaPro Vanilla protein from Isagenix with 1/4 C or 50g Frozen Acai Berries and blend together. Top with 1 T Coconut and 10-15 blueberries for a nice delight that includes plenty of protein, healthy fat and low glycemic carbohydrates! Pure, undenatured whey protein from cows never treated with added hormones or antibiotics is the base for the IsaPro protein powder. 135 Calories

6. Greek Yogurt + IsaCrunch – Top 1/2 C Plain Greek Yogurt with the benefits of IsaCrunch’s hulled hemp seeds. This snack is 150 calories. IsaCrunch from Isagenix contains an ideal ration of omega 6 – omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from the hemp seeds. They have a naturally nutty flavor and are gluten free.

7. IsaLean Shake – 1 scoop of IsaLean shake packs 120 Calories, 12g protein, 12g carbs (4g Fiber) and 2.5g fat. Filled with undenatured whey protein, healthy fats and filling fiber, this shake comes in strawberry cream, french vanilla, dutch chocolate and black sesame. A fabulous source of vitamins and minerals, this meal replacement shake has it all. Blend with ice and water or simply shake with water in a shaker and you’re done!

One of the most important things about snacking is that the snacks are balanced with a healthy amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates to maintain optimal energy levels. A good amount of lean protein, healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates will help achieve a balanced snack.

Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss – What Healthy Snacks Are Available?

Everyone loves to snack and just because you are on a diet it doesn’t mean that you have to forego your daily snacking routine. Instead you need to find out what the best healthy snacks for weight loss are.

One way to start incorporating healthy snacks into your diet is to switch your current snack for a low fat version. This would include finding low fat muffins, fat free cheese and eating whole fruits instead of juices.

Some other great healthy snacks for weight loss include:

• Veggies with hummus
• Sliced fruit with low fat yogurt
• A handful of walnuts or almonds
• Low fat cottage cheese
• Air popped popcorn
• Hard boiled eggs
• Baked tortilla chips
• Salsa
• Fruit shakes or smoothies

Just changing to a healthier version of your favorite snack can save you calories over the long run. Take cut up veggies to work, so you can munch on them during the day. This is great, especially if your workplace includes plenty of cookies and muffins being passed around. A single serving of a low fat yogurt is another portable handy snack to make use of.

Snacking is actually beneficial for you; it prevents you from binging on foods by becoming too hungry. Snacks are also the perfect way to bridge the gap between meals. If you are unsure if a snack is healthy read the label first. Try to choose a snack which is less than 100 calories, and has a low fat content. This way you are not wasting your valuable calories on unhealthy choices. Try to make good nutritional choices, and aim to have each calorie which you consume, provide your body with a healthy nutrient.

Your snacking choices will be reflected by your children. If you eat high calorie, fatty snacks, they will follow your lead. Teach your children at a young age to eat low fat, healthy choices. This way you are setting them up to understand how to make healthy choices, before they too have a weight issue.

Once you begin making healthy choices you will develop new ideas for snacks. Being creative with your food is one way to keep your diet interesting. Repeatedly eating the same foods will have you making inappropriate choices very quickly.

Try a few new snack ideas first and stay with the ones that satisfy your cravings and your hunger. Before you know it, you will have your own list of healthy snacks for weight loss at your fingertips.